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Gourmet, vegan snacks in Taipei: Vegan Yumz by Chef Prish

Updated: Mar 29, 2022

Prashantha Lachanna, better known as “Chef Prish in Taipei and around the entire island of Taiwan, is a contemporary raw vegan chef from South Africa who seeks to provide vegans and non-vegans alike with the healthiest, hand-crafted, plant-based snacks.

The entrepreneurial vegan chef, private caterer, and TEDx speaker sells 100% unrefined and unprocessed whole food snacks via Vegan Yumz, an online shop that furthers Chef Prish's mission of supporting positive lifestyle choices and improved health. With vegan snacks that are part of a healthy, sustainable ecosystem, you "make the best choice for you and the planet" when you buy Vegan Yumz.

Featured artisanal snacks

All Vegan Yumz snacks are made to order and handmade in small batches to maintain optimum freshness and quality control. Some of my faves include:

Sugar-free oat bars (無糖可可燕麥餅)

If you follow my Instagram account, then you know that I prioritize my health and fitness. Sugar is my nemesis, which is why I love these guilt-free, Sugar-Free Oat Bars made with stevia. In addition to natural, plant-based sugar, these nutty, crunchy snacks have activated pumpkin seeds (see more on this below), raw cacao nibs and cranberries. They are coated with raw cacao powder and cacao butter; I love eating them as a post-workout snack and the individual packaging makes it easy to bring them anywhere.


Bitter Cocoa Brownies (苦可可布朗尼)

Both I and my lactose-intolerant husband LOVE these decadent brownies! 100% gluten-free, raw, and vegan, we both thoroughly enjoy these treats without any discomfort that most sweets cause our sensitive stomachs.

Vegan Yumz' Bitter Cocoa Brownies are made with raw cacao powder, bitter Italian cocoa powder, cocoa butter, dates that are scientifically proven to lower blood sugar, and activated walnuts. Chef Prish activates the walnuts (and all nuts used in her products) by soaking them for a minimum of 8 hours to ensure the removal of phytic acid. I learned through this healthy chef that phytic acid is a naturally-occurring protein that inhibits the absorption of zinc, iron, magnesium and calcium; soaking the nuts, therefore,

makes them more bioavailable to us.

After soaking and rinsing the walnuts, they are air-dried for 24 hours at 45 degrees Celsius, giving them a buttery texture (so good in the brownies!) while maintaining their raw nutrition.

These brownies are so rich and fudgy. To be honest, they're better than any non-vegan brownie I've ever eaten in my life because all of the ingredients are REAL and unprocessed. I can't wait to try the Chipotle Brownies, which has a mild spice that doesn't burn the mouth!

How to order Vegan Yumz

Vegan Yumz has been providing raw, vegan snacks to the entire island of Taiwan for over 10 years. The hand-crafted chocolate goodies above, as well as Cultured Tree Nut Cheeses, Pantry Essentials like gluten-free croutons, vegan salad dressings and seasoning mixes, and even Vegan Chocolate Cake can be ordered through the links below. At the time of this post, you can enjoy free delivery for orders above NT$ 1100!

Vegan Yumz Online Store

Vegan Yumz Facebook Store

Learn more about Chef Prish:


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