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How I make side income as a former attorney

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

If you’ve checked out my blog and Instagram, then you probably already know by now that I am a former lawyer turned life & career coach (and travel blogger based in Taiwan).

As a life & career coach, I guide attorneys, career-confused professionals, and entrepreneurs who are looking to find their dream career, live their dream lifestyle, or both.

As a one-woman shop, it can be time-consuming (and expensive) to constantly search for new clients for my coaching business. Also, I still want to be able to help people, especially the younger generation, who may need just a little advice or encouragement to take their next steps. That’s why I’ve signed up as a Consultant on the Qalbaq platform.

Disclosure: I only recommend products I would (and currently) use myself. This post may contain affiliate links that, at no additional cost to you, may earn me a small commission.

What is Qalbaq and who can use it to earn side income?

Qalbaq is a career advisory marketplace where ANYONE with educational or professional experience can get paid to share their knowledge and expertise with others. As long as you have information and worthwhile experiences to share about an educational program, job, or assessment, there is likely someone out there who wants to pick your brain.

Users of the platform essentially search for someone who has “been there, done that.”

For example, I use the platform to offer advice to anyone who wants information on:

  1. Going to law school

  2. Changing careers (including advice on alternative careers for lawyers)

  3. Interview preparation

I set my own prices and my availability for clients to choose from. Qalbaq lets me choose my level of privacy, and creates a safe space for all users.

With Qalbaq, I earn additional income while others pick my brain. The marketplace is also a great place where I can give back to the future generation and fast track their success with my academic and career insights (take a guess at whether I encourage others to go to law school ;))

If you have any type of educational or career advice to share (Bar prep, college admissions, accounting advice, i.e.) or lessons learned from your professional life, you can sign up for free to become a consultant like me.

Your journey is valuable. Help others fast track their future or avoid the mistakes you made (like me) with Qalbaq.

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