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Hello, I am Francesca

Travel Blogger,

I am an



I am a former attorney, travel blogger, and life coach from the California Bay Area now based in Taipei, Taiwan.

Determined to find my purpose in life after burning out from the toxic legal culture, I took the road less traveled and explored many unconventional careers after law school, including recruiting, marketing, and even travel blogging in my reclaimed motherland.

I broke the rules to live life on my own terms and have found my purpose by teaching others how they can do the same. In addition to uncovering my roots as a blogger in Taiwan, I currently guide both lawyers and non-lawyers into their dream careers or lifestyles.

As a lawyer coach, I help attorneys find career clarity, pivot into alternative legal jobs or even start their own businesses.  To date, I've also helped:

  1. Big law associates go In-House

  2. Government lawyers launch their own businesses or side hustles

  3. Mothers find career alignment and advancement, and even

  4. Videographers become software engineers at NASA!


Read about these success stories here. I am always available to share my experience with others, so don’t be shy! Reach out :)


My Journey


Travel Blog

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Geoffery N.

Videographer turned
NASA Software Engineer

"Without a traditional STEM background, I never imagined I could one day be coding at NASA. Francesca helped me break through my limiting beliefs, edited my resume, cover letter, and ultimately, showed me how to believe in myself. I am now on track to becoming a software engineer at NASA, starting with the NASA internship Francesca helped me land." 

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Jhon T.

First-generation attorney & business entrepreneur

"As a lawyer with an entrepreneurial spirit, I was feeling trapped by my "cushy" government job. Francesca helped me identify what was holding me back and pushed me to have hard conversations with the people in my environment. She also provided sound financial advice for starting a business with student loans. I feel free, motivated, and inspired doing what I do every day now."

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Lara J.

First-generation college graduate & Vice President, DOJ/SEC  

"Francesca is an attorney on her own unique journey, and watching her grow inspired me to to make changes within my own career path. She rewrote my cover letter, resume, and LinkedIn profile so that I could tell my story truthfully. Her coaching sessions helped me to further advance my own career, giving me the confidence to ask for both a raise and a promotion!"

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