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Where to find kombucha in Taipei

Legend has it that kombucha was accidentally discovered by a monk from the Qing dynasty who inadvertently left his tea and sugar...

Sun Moon Lake: A Tea Lover’s Paradise

Sun Moon Lake is Taiwan’s largest body of water located in Nantou county. Its crystal clear blue waters are surrounded by cascading,...

Five unique twists on Taiwanese hot pot

Hot pot is a communal feast consisting of a cauldron of broth into which diners place a nearly-endless variety of raw ingredients over...

How to see Sri Lanka in just over a week

A free, 9-day itinerary With years of civil unrest and recent Easter bombings that resulted in heightened travel advisory warnings, Sri...

A Return to the Motherland

I still remember the first time I stepped foot on this island. Cicadas chirped in the background, the scent of yulan flowers permeated...