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I am a former attorney, travel blogger, and life coach from the California Bay Area. My Taiwanese father fled his motherland due to government persecution and returned for the first time when I decided to study Mandarin in college. After leaving the law, I relocated to Taipei to discover my roots and now collaborate with Taiwan's tourism bureau and NGO's to promote sustainable tourism on the island with my blog, writing, and YouTube videos. See my press page for contact information.



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Meet the 96-year-old Grandpa (台中的彩虹阿公) who saved a village with his art! #shorts

Meet the 96-year-old Grandpa (台中的彩虹阿公) who saved a village with his art! #shorts

Read more: Huang Yung-fu is a 96-year-old veteran and the last remaining resident of a former military village in Nantun District, Taichung. 黃永阜是個 96嵗的老將,是住過臺中南屯區(之前日治時期的南屯莊)的最後一個居民。 When Huang was offered $2 million NTD ($61,000 USD) compensation or new housing by developers, Huang decided that he didn’t want to move. So he began to paint. 黨土地開發人要給黃先生200萬臺幣(約 61,000 美金)的索賠近來購買南屯莊的時候,黃先生決定不收錢搬家。於是,他開始塗鴉。 A DIY art project that started from boredom inside his house evolved into an art project that covered the empty, neighboring homes. 原本是自己因無聊而開始的自己動手計劃(DIY計劃),結果慢慢演變成了一個塗繪空無一人的鄰居家的一項藝術計劃。 Local university students discovered Huang's work and campaigned to save the village, eventually convincing authorities that it should be preserved. 當地大學生發現了黃先生的藝術作品,並組織活動來拯救村長。最後,他們説服當局,保留了村莊。 Today, this “Rainbow Village” attracts more than a million visitors annually, all thanks to the “Rainbow Grandpa.” 如今,因爲“彩虹阿公”的付出,這個“彩虹眷村”每年都會吸引超過100萬個觀光客。
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